After learning Khalifah Method from the late Professor Dr. Muhammad al’Mahdi and seeing how the Khalifah Concept and Khalifah Method Premise had helped to instill a great love of Islam and motivation in fulfilling their responsibilities as khalifah in my two young sons, I have now become an advocate for creating awareness about each person’s inherent khalifah potential (Surah Al Baqarah, verse 30).

I believe that each and every one of us have been gifted with the abilities and potential to be excellent and to make a positive difference in the world that we live in today. My goal is to touch as many lives as possible with this awareness of their immense potential and to equip them with the necessary skills that will empower this potential in them.

Khalifah Method Premise

When an individual or group is given two (2) things;

1. a positive, accurate and motivational world view

2. a good understanding of the Laws of Learning

then, there will be a natural movement of that individual or group toward all that is good and right.

I am a trainer, a teacher and a community volunteer who actively shares this knowledge with children, adolescents, parents and the public in Malaysia through training programs, a children’s camp called ‘ACE Camp’, talks and my annual Ramadhan Chart project.

For any Khalifah Method-related issues or training enquiries, please email me at khalifahpotential@gmail.com


4 Responses to About

  1. Muhammad Arif Atarhim says:

    Alhamdulillah…T.Cher, Khalifah Method is the best way to inculcate it for the children and UMMAH generally…I hope one day this method will spread to the whole world and make them aware that we are “THE KHALIFAH OF ALLAH”. Thank you Allah for giving us something that make we feel the BEAUTIFUL OF ISLAM…Alhamdulillah…

    Thanks so much T.Cher for sharing the knowledge to us MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU

  2. Ummuhammad says:

    Sy nk tanya, kat mana KMS ni? tq

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  4. Masha says:


    I am elder sister in my family. I have 2 small brother (7 & 10).

    I knew about this khalifah method thru saifulislam.com. How can we get some more info on this method, is there any course or references book..?

    Hope I can practice this method to educate my lovely brothers.

    Thanks so much

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