Khalifah celebrates Mother’s Day

BismilLah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Adam and Daniel walked over to the kindergarten behind my mother’s house to attend a kids’ carnival there. When they came home, they surprised me with a red rose and 2 cupcakes!


The lovely cupcakes I received from my 2 young khalifah

I had tears in my eyes when they gave the gifts to me. It was totally unexpected because we talked about not participating in Mother’s Day celebrations, primarily because I wanted the boys to understand ‘Mother’s Day’ should be everyday and not restricted to only one day.

And, Alhamdulillah, Adam and Daniel got the point because in the card that accompanied the cupcakes, they wrote,

Happy ‘always Mother’s Day‘ Day

Masha’Allah! They are amazing boys. May Allah favour them with His Mercy and Guidance always. Ameen.


About Sharena

My experiences as mother to Adam and Daniel, wife, daughter , teacher, trainer and friend has enriched my life to the fullest. Life is a journey of small steps through love, tests and contentment; fulfilling our role as khalifah makes it even more challenging and satisfactory.
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