Natural Progression

BismilLah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Lately, I have become reluctant to write new posts in my blog. Not because I haven’t any materials (I’ve saved so many drafts!) but primarily because I sense that there’s no more need to continue writing.

Looking back at the collection of posts I’ve written since I first started, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve said all that I needed to say. Based on the intention of writing in this blog;

  1. to share knowledge on Khalifah Method and continue Professor Dr. Muhammad al’Mahdi’s legacy
  2. as an avenue of expressing my thoughts (My Khalifah Journal)

I believe I have accomplished both. It just seems a natural progression to decrease writing and to stop altogether at some point soon. Allahu A’lam.

But before I do, I have to remember to fulfill the amanah I set previously, that is;

  • write a post on the incident that caused Adam to stop playing ‘Call of Duty’.
  • list Professor Dr. Syed Naquib al-Attas books’ that I have read.
  • write a post on the practical application of Khalifah Method in the home (continuation of “A friend’s query answered, Insha’Allah”)
  • create a Khalifah Method page and organise existing posts accordingly.



About Sharena

My experiences as mother to Adam and Daniel, wife, daughter , teacher, trainer and friend has enriched my life to the fullest. Life is a journey of small steps through love, tests and contentment; fulfilling our role as khalifah makes it even more challenging and satisfactory.
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4 Responses to Natural Progression

  1. welma laanda says:

    Continue writing sister. Knowledge must be spread out.:) Many people outside there still do not know about khalifah method and I believe most of the family today “have lost” their child spritually. Continue writing your journey of expressing your thought especially on parenting and khalifah method. May Allah bless you and your family. 😉

    • acespiretribe says:

      Thank you, may Allah bless you, sister.

      I do agree about the importance of beneficial knowledge being spread. There are good resources for Khalifah Method now;, caliph.wordpress and my blog.

      But the point I was making in the post is that it’s no longer necessary for me to continue writing as there is enough materials for others to be able to understand Khalifah Method now, Insha’Allah.

      But you have given me an idea to write on the benefits of applying Khalifah Method and I actually have a collection of stories from other parents, as well.

      So, thank you, sister. You did help me.

  2. welma laanda says:

    Sometimes people do not looking for knowledge because they already know. Most of people will looking for experience in applying the knowledge. Same goes to reading and book. There are differences between reading synopsis and story of people who are sharing their journey on reading.

    I believe even though there are lots of resources for khalifah method, but it still not capable in order to influence people getting know khalifah method better. I give an example me. I knew khalifah since 2006 if not mistaken, but only for this year, I’m more interested getting know it better since Ust Hasrizal (Saifulislam) wrote about it. He didnt wrote about khalifah, but he told us the reader his experience sending his son to khalifah school and etc.

    I believe you are more capable then Ust Hasrizal in term of sharing your experiences among children and parents of course.

    Good Luck, Sister. I’ll pray for you.

    • acespiretribe says:

      I delayed replying to you because I didn’t want to write something then regret later.

      I am humbled by your perspective of this situation- I never thought of it from your viewpoint. Thank you, may Allah bless you.

      My latest post, “Allah is Cool!” is one example of the way I can address my need to decrease writing yet at the same time, still continue supporting my readers who would like to know more about successful application of Khalifah Method. Short and sweet 🙂

      May Allah forgive me for my shortcomings. Ameen.

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