Progression towards Perfection

BismilLah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Each and every one of us has been created in excellence (Surah Al Tin, verse 4, ‘ We have indeed created man in the Best of moulds. ‘ / Surah Al Hijr, verse 29, ‘ When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit ‘) thus it becomes necessary to continue being excellent throughout our lives.

The effort put in to achieving this goal varies from time to time. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by sheer despair and fail to take any step forward and sometimes, we receive such knowledge and enlightenment that enables us to progress through leaps and bounds.

But the direction of our movement must always be towards surrendering ourselves to the Will of Allah. Towards complete submission to His Will. (Surah Al Najm, verse 42, ‘That to thy Lord is the final Goal‘). This is no easy task, especially with the whispers and influences of Shaitan distracting us away from that goal.

As khalifah, we can strengthen our armour against Shaitan through patience and istiqamah as reminded to us in  Surah Al Anfal, verse 45, ‘O ye who believe! When ye meet a force, be firm, and call Allah in remembrance much (and often); that ye may prosper‘.

We are always aware of our weaknesses yet we continue with our efforts and put our trust completely in Allah, for He is the best disposer of affairs (Surah Ali Imran, verse 173, ‘For us Allah sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs.’) In doing this, the good (Alhamdulillah!) or the bad (AstaghfirulLah) is accepted with redha (sincere acceptance) and muhasabah (self-check/review) for Allah clearly states in Al Quran, Surah Al Nisa’, verse 78, ‘Whatever good, (O man!) happens to thee, is from Allah; but whatever evil happens to thee, is from thy (own) soul.’

Change, in our life, is as sure as the sun rising in the morning. It is necessary to accept the inevitable and make adjustments to our world view and in our life, so long as we remember that it has to be within the syaria’ of Allah i.e. according Al Quran and the Sunnah.  A person strong in iman and taqwa knows that the changes he makes may not be readily understood or accepted by others, even those closest to him but because he has put himself completely in the hands of Allah subhana wa ta’ala, he does not waver from his decisions and is patient with those who question him.

Abdullah ibn Masud, said: “the Prophet salla Allah alahyi wasalam said ‘Islam began as something strange, and it will revert to being strange as it was in the beginning, so good tidings for the strangers.’ Some asked, ‘Who are the strangers?’ He said, ‘The ones who break away from their people (literally, ‘tribes’) for the sake of Islam.‘ (Sahih Muslim, Ibn Majah) In another narration, he said, “Those that correct my sunnah which has been corrupted by the people after me.”

In the end, it is Akhirah which is our Final Abode and the man who does not remember this nor does he make preparations for it, is the man with the greatest loss. Allah knows best.


About Sharena

My experiences as mother to Adam and Daniel, wife, daughter , teacher, trainer and friend has enriched my life to the fullest. Life is a journey of small steps through love, tests and contentment; fulfilling our role as khalifah makes it even more challenging and satisfactory.
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