Wisdom of a child…cont’d

reading Al Quran in bed instead of comic using flashlight

Daniel reading Al Quran (Surah Al Baqarah) in bed instead of comics using a flashlight

Assalmualaikum, my dear brothers and sisters,

I realised that Adam speaks of the most interesting topics, with a wise, scholarly air, that easily intermingles with his everyday kid-speak. We had just finished lunch (do you realise he comes up with all these interesting comments after he eats? hmm…) and he was talking about Star Wars when out of the blue he said,

‘Insha’Allah, I hope the world will be better when Prophet Isa comes. There are more muslims around the world now but there are still some who are astray. But there is still a lot of good being done.’

How does he come up with these things?? It’s like there some hidden space in his head where he stores these profound statements (refer to previous post ‘Wisdom of a child’) and out of the blue, just lets it loose! I was told of an incident at school during an astronomy talk. Some parents who were there were amazed at the depth of knowledge Adam knew about astronomy and the universe. Every few sentences of the speaker was interupted by Adam volunteering some bit of information relating to the topic (I was more concerned that he was interupting the speaker! Oh, Adam..!).

I did ask him once, ‘How do you know all these things?’ He replied, ‘ Well, I read books then I puzzle about it until I understand it.’ Subhana’Allah. Allah All Mighty said in the Quran, Surah Al Baqarah, verse 118,’…We have indeed made clear the Signs unto any people who hold firmly to Faith (in their hearts).’ Is it too impossible to believe that young children might know the answers to life’s questions more than adults because of their closeness to the state of fitrah…?

Khalifah Method created an environment of questioning and discovery in our home. When I first learnt Khalifah Method from Allahyarham Dr. Muhammad al’Mahdi, I was attracted to it because ‘ I finally found a way to help me teach my children how to think.’ At the beginning, I wasn’t really interested in the ‘shaping excellent character’ or that my children were ‘khalifah of Allah’ but simply I knew now how to teach my children to think. Think about creation. Think about their actions. Think about other people’s feelings. They learnt how to think.

We should ask ourselves honestly, how many children today know how to think..?


About Sharena

My experiences as mother to Adam and Daniel, wife, daughter , teacher, trainer and friend has enriched my life to the fullest. Life is a journey of small steps through love, tests and contentment; fulfilling our role as khalifah makes it even more challenging and satisfactory.
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  1. Azra says:

    Congratulations on your blog Sharena. Wishing you great success & Allah’s guidance always.

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